Write Now 7 (2016)
Better Together by David Weir Read more
Write Now 6 (2015)
rock paper scissors by Olga Nikora; Talking to Alice by Lucinda Burnett; Dog Country by Joseph Wilde Read more
Write Now 5 (2014)
Pool by Tom Harvey; Botticelli'sĀ Angles by Gemma McGrath Mills; Box Chicken by Max Katz Read more
Write Now 4 (2013)
No Rhyme by Melanie Pennant, Bump by Vinay Patel, The Magic Hour by Martin McNamara read more
Write Now 3 (2012)
Borderland by Carol Vine, Skinhead by Jessica Brown, Emoticon by Melissa Bubnic read more
Write Now 2 (2011)
Chocolate Bounty by Jessica Brown, The Laundry by Joe Ward Munrow, Keeping Mum by Judith Bryan read more
Write Now (2010)

Write Now (2010)

Fighting by Tom Green, Compression by Joy Wilkinson, The Bitch From Brixton by Kate Gallon and Kate-Lynn Hocking