Scratch at The Jack Studio

Join us for our night of new theatre and performance at The Jack Studio. Every two months we host a ninety minute show of five to six performances.

We are looking for pieces that are exciting, innovative and engaging. We are strong advocates of diversity in theatre and are open to all. The audience will give feedback after the event which we will send to you.  Are you ready to surprise us?

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Scratch dates:

Our next Scratch at the Jack is Sunday 25 February 2018 at 6pm.  The deadline for submissions for April’s Scratch will be posted shortly. The performances is Sunday 22nd April at 6pm.

What we are looking for

  • Pieces or performances in development of 10 minutes or less in duration.
  • This might include theatre (including extracts from a new play or a short play), dance with a narrative, sketch comedy, short film, performance poetry etc.
  • We ask you to consider the dramatic quality of the work. Some pieces will not be for us and we will let you know if that is the case. We are sorry, but due to the number of applications we are unable to give notes.
  • You will provide your own production team. We may be able to connect you with actors/a director but we cannot guarantee this will be possible. If this is the case we may have to defer your piece to another show.

What we offer artists

  • An award winning studio theatre space, with basic but professional technical support and production advice.
  • Feedback from an audience who enjoy giving feedback! This is collected anonymously online then sent to you a few days after the show. You might make an important connection.
  • If you are part of our show, we will promote it in social media posts in the week before the performance and on the theatre’s website. We need your company’s details (director, performers), two weeks before the show. Please send any simple technical requests a week before the performance.
  • We cannot offer rehearsal space but you can come to the theatre from 2pm-5pm on the day of the show to familiarize yourself with the space and meet the other performers. You will also meet the technician for a quick run through at 5pm, in the order of the show. Please bring any sounds queues on a USB stick.
  • Please note the stage will have the current theatre production set in place, and so we will only be able to accommodate lighting and staging to fit this.

How to apply

  • Please fill in the application form and send a script of your piece in standard format.
  • We cannot accept pieces that are longer than 10 minutes duration, or applications that do not have a script.
  • The Scratch email account is checked on a weekly basis. We have a rolling programme and if the next show is full, you may be offered a slot in a production at a later date.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Any questions please email Serena at

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